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Call (828) 572-4898   Wed – Sat 10 AM – 4 PM

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Help Us Advance the Common Good

When you support The Mitford Museum you become part of a vibrant community that “takes care of its own” as we fulfill our mission to advance the common good through literacy, creativity, and community.

When you make a gift to the museum of any amount and share your email, you will receive regular e-newsletters with early event information and first looks at museum updates and additions. Thank you for joining us as we:

  • Deliver learner-centered programs and projects

  • Enhance literacy skills in youth and adults

  • Provide annual awards to outstanding young writers, photographers, artists, and musicians

  • Serve as a worldwide hub for fans of the Mitford series

  • Support North Carolina’s literary heritage


 When you support our mission to advance the common good through literacy, creativity, and community, you become one of our Mitford Friends.
We’re deeply grateful to everyone who supports our nonprofit work at any level. We hope to add YOUR name to our list in 2024.

Keith Lynn and Renee Ackerman Norris
Heather Bell Adams
Marianne Baker
Nancy Bass
David and Carolyn Beach
The Bernhardt Furniture Foundation
MollyAnn Birth
Teresa Bishop
Kim Bitner-Drottz
Rachel Bradley
Sharon Russell Bresch
Nancy Briggs
Frances Burke-Urr
Caryl Burns
Robin Burton
Bobby Bush
Margaret Byrd
David Cain
Tricia Cain
Sharon Canella
Angie and Samantha Caroway
Mary Samantha Caroway
Kathy Carroll
Louanne Casstevens
Kathy Cheshire
Beth Clark
Tracey Coon
Stacie Cooper
Angela Correll
Lorraine Covington
Angela Crabtree
R. David Craig
Robyn Dadig
Betsy Dalgliesh
Paulette Dickerson
Chastity DiFrancesco
The Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Wayne and Eva Downs
Julia Dunstan
Nancy Farmer
Phyllis Farringer
Marilyn Faughner
Laura Whitfield Fischer
Pat Fitzpatrick
Marlene Floyd
Rep. Virginia Foxx
Brenda Wilson Furman
Claire Gargalli
Julie Garza
Penny Edwards Gates
Elenor M Gibbs
Ann Gibert
Debbie Glaser

Alice Len Glover
Linda Gore
Belinda Gough
Kerry Grant
Peter and Colleen Grant
Jennifer Gray
Pam Green
Rhea Griffin
Warren and Mardi Gruber
Elizabeth Hall
M.J. Hall
Dale and Penny Hamby
Yvonne Harvey
Polly Beckwith Hawkes
Cynthia Hedrick
Crystal Hefner
Cynthia Henderson
Stacie Hicks
Pamela Hildebran
Nanette Hill
Deidra Jo Holbrook
Jessica Hughes
Crystal Hurd
Barbara Jacobs
Jenifer Jay
Georgia Blue Jennings
Leslie Johnson
Lorie Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Cookie Kaluka
Peggy Keenum
Donald and Cissy Kepper
Linda Kidd
Stella King
Bill Knowles
Chris Kratzer
Robin Morris Kreitler
JB and Lynn Lawrence
Mary Andrews Lindsay
Phyllis Hefner Little
Lower Creek Baptist Church
Ann Lucas
Marsha Markas
Kristi Marshall
Austin Caleb Maynor
Joan McClure
Debra McConville
Beverly McCraw
Marissa McFarland
Ginger Miller
Tathel Miller
Kay Mitchell
C.J. Murray

Meghan Murray
NC Humanities
Paula Newbill

Rob and Paula Newcomb
The NewtMont Foundation
Ellen and Karl Olinger
MaryRose Paterson
Trena Patton
Diane Huff Pitts
Christopher Poepping
Peggy Shuford
Janice Anderson Pritchard
Paula Pruden-Macha
E.P. Ratledge
Cameron Riddle
Mary Robitschek
Jan Elizabeth Ross
Leah Rucker
Cyndee Schmuck
Charles and Anne Seilheimer
Joy Shokes
Jaime Showmaker
Amy Shumate
Shurtape Technologies 
Beth Skinner
Anne Sluder
Ann Everhardt Smith
James Keith Smith
Kathelene McCarty Smith
Sarah Snead
Jennie Stevens
Gary Studer
Marge Sudheimer
Dena Sullivan
Mary Jo Tate
Darlene Terry
Jim and Sarah Thomas
John and Lamar Toole
Martha Townes
Elizabeth Tracy
Robin Elizabeth Turnipseed
Beth Van Amburgh
Reba Walden
Claudia Lois Ward-Eller
Angie Warren
Jennifer Skye Weaver
Debbie Webster
Nancy Westmoreland
Cynthia Whisenant
Jan Wierenga
Gail Williamson
Janet Winkler

The museum’s charity profile is available HERE. If you would like to review a full financial statement, contact the director at

The Mitford Museum

The Mitford Museum is North Carolina’s newest literary landmark.

Founded by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Jan Karon, the museum's mission is to advance the common good through literacy, creativity, and community. Often called Jan’s ‘book without covers,’ the museum is a place of common ground, where people from varied backgrounds can come together to feel welcomed, cared for, and at home.

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Wed - Sat 10 AM - 4 PM

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